The 21 Day Fix is on!

July 30th 2014

This year has been an up and down struggle. The struggle with the scale. I’ve been sabotaging myself after every success. I completed a round of the 21 day fix with flying colors. Had great results. Then I went on a cruise and reversed it all. Then I kept beating myself up and starting over and beating myself up and starting over. I would look back at my awesome results and wish I hadn’t stopped.

I have zero problem working out. I love to workout. I love the way working out makes me feel. We all know that you can’t out work a bad diet. I don’t eat terribly. I don’t go through drive thru windows. I don’t sit in my house and at bags of chips or ice cream. I don’t order dessert or fried food at restaurants. The food I do have I just eat too much of it. You can over eat on healthy food too.

My top reasons for being stuck in the sabotage cycle:
– Wine (a few times a week)
– Sitting out by the pool and having beers with the neighbors
– Dining out a few times a week
– Having larger servings than I should

It took me 7 years to graduate from college. I paid my way through most of it by working and student loans. I used to sign up and drop classes and then wonder why I didn’t have my degree. Once I woke up and realized that I wasn’t going to get a degree if I didn’t do the work. My weight loss is the same. I will not reach the results I want until I follow the damn instructions.

So here you have it folks. Day 1 of the 21 day Fix is on. I’m tracking my containers and measuring my portions. I LOVE this program because I know it works. I’ve completed it with awesome results.

21 Day Fix Snacks

21 Day Fix Snacks

Top things I LOVE about the 21 Day Fix and why I think it is great for anyone.
– Easy to read book that explains what each container means (greens = veggies purple = fruit etc.)
– 30 minute workouts that you can modify or step up
– You are never hungry because you get to actually eat food
– The focus on eating whole foods and not processed foods
– Things like chocolate and wine are a part of the program.

I’m putting it out there. I’m on day 1. I love doing this program. I just had to commit and say YES I’m doing it and I’m not going to half way do it. I’m doing it.

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