Balls O Steel

August 6th 2014

Here it is folks. I struggled for a while with posting this picture. For the last year I’ve been struggling with things. More travel, more treats, more celebrations and more of everything. I haven’t been tracking my food. The pounds kept packing on. I would complete a program and have great results and then fall off the wagon. I would beat myself up over and over about starting over again and again.

Accountability group

Balls O Steel

I was ashamed to post it. I felt like I was a fraud as a coach. How could I claim to know how to help people if I couldn’t even help myself? I also feared judgment. What will people think? One of my friends said I had balls o steel to post that picture. The outpouring of support was amazing.

The post helped people. I had a huge fear and I let it go and it ended up being better for all of us. People feel they are not alone.

Here is the deal. I’m going to start a challenge group. I would prefer it is ladies only. We are going to get real. No more BS. No more excuses of how the kids need this, or how money is tight, or I’m too busy. We all know what it takes. Working out and eating as clean as possible. 99% of people do not have a hormonal or genetic defect to prevent them from losing weight. My problem is I love food and celebrating and let it get to my head and it ended up on my butt.

Who is ready? Who is ready to join a challenge group and do this WITH me?

Send me a message on facebook or send me an email to and tell me you are in. I need you as much as you need me.

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