Insanity Day 40 Something

August 23rd 2011

Insanity, day 40 something. Check. Now to the point of the story. Motivation. How do I stay motivated to workout and stay fit. Coaching. Coaching is key.

Have you tried a Beachbody fitness program and loved it? P90X, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6 or something else? There are so many. How many time have you heard “oh my gosh you look great what are you doing?” You answer “P90X” and then point them to the Beachbody website. You’ve had your own Beachbody transformation and then you point them to another source to buy the product. Sharing what works for you is easy. Just like recommending a restaurant or a washing machine.

You just coached someone for free. Why not get paid?
Help people get healthy and fit, while you get and stay healthy. I’ve been coaching part time for less than a year and I’m on my way to making this a full time “job.” I put job in quotes because it doesn’t feel like a job. Yes there is work but it doesn’t feel like work. I put my health and fitness at the top of the list. My body is my temple. If that is healthy then all else falls into place. Reaching out to help others to be at their best is wonderful. It may not be for everyone but for those of you that have already tried the product and like it then it is a no brainer.

I had the pleasure of attending the Coach Summit in LA in June 2011. This video played and I noticed that 3 of my close friends are in it. They weren’t my friends before I started coaching. They became my friends through the coaching opportunity. I get to surround myself with happy, positive, goal oriented people that are putting their health at the top of their list. No better way to get and stay motivated to work out and eat healthy.

Watch the video and then contact me to get started. It really is simple. And for me, life changing.

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