Journey vs Destination

August 20th 2011

I’m on day 41 of Insanity. I’ve had my ups and downs with my nutrtion and set backs with my body. However, that will not stop me from getting to day 60. My dad went to the ER with chest pains. That was a scary day. He is okay now and that is all that matters. At first I became a Beachbody coach to help myself. To keep myself on track. Now I love helping others stay on track and help themselves. Service to many leads to greatness. That is what keeps going through my mind. Service to many leads to greatness. I absolutely love connecting with other people and helping them realize they are better than they think they are. They deserve better. We all do.

Tried Insane Abs today. I dig it.

Speaking of other MLM diet shakes that shall remain nameless.
I’ve seen comparisons of Shakeology to other shakes. Let me make something clear. Shakeology is NOT a diet shake. It is NOT at protien shake. It is NOT a get skinny fast shake. It is a super food. Watch this about the ingredients. This shake has changed my life and those around me. I’m not trying to make a sale. Either you are willing to put your health first or you aren’t.

This is not a get rich quick sceme or get skinny fast diet. We all know those never work don’t we? We want it to be true that we can spray some drops in our mouth, not exercise, and eat Mexican food all day and we will lose 50 pounds. Please. Stop lying. This is a lifestyle change. If you are looking to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and not change your lifestyle then I’ll probably be talking to you later when you’ve gained all of your weight back. I’m finally in the flow of my destiny. I’ve met wonderful people and dare say a best friend in this process. I wouldn’t give that up for money. I wouldn’t give that up for my integrity. I wouldn’t give that up for sales. I saw a great picture posted the other day. It said “Money follows passion, not the other way around.” I’m very passionate about helping others find their potential. I’m here to help and inspire and man it feels awesome. All I truly want for everyone is for them to feel as awesome as I do.

I am Awesome

I am Awesome

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